Past Fair


8 - 10 Mar 2024


8 - 10 Mar 2024
@Tokyo International Forum(Booth: N055)

Art Fair Tokyo 2024, SHUKADO + SCENA. booth will present 8 artists.

IKENAGA Yasunari is an important artist in history who tries to update the universal female figure.
KUSENBO Masamitsu and dakikichi are exploring new realism of women with modern figure technology.
YOSHIDA Mikiho is a multilayered artist who brings us to the edge of a story of life, death, love, and despair while introducing familiar characters.
KARIYA Miki is participating in this exhibition for the first time. Her rabbits exploring a dark mushroom forest have a unique passion that reminds us of the Japanese people, and her works have been sold out at her solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad.
We are proud to introduce an elite group of artists including MASARU OZAKI, an artist who manipulates the light like magic, HARA Nabbie the first winner of muni art award who expresses violence and eros in a psychedelic manner, and CHEN Pei Yi, a meticulous cat painter from Taiwan.

Exhibiting artists
IKENAGA Yasunari / KARIYA Miki / KUSENBO Masamitsu / daikichi / CHEN Pei-yi / HARA Nabbie / MASARU Ozaki / YOSHIDA Mikiho
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吉田樹保「新訳風土記集 其ノ参 観月峠 六什」(参考作品)
吉田樹保「新訳風土記集 其ノ参 観月峠 六什」(参考作品)
IKENAGA Yasunari「寝覚め・慶子」
IKENAGA Yasunari「寝覚め・慶子」
MASARU OZAKI「Push Start Button」
MASARU OZAKI「Push Start Button」
CHEN Pei Yi「花園守護者」
CHEN Pei Yi「花園守護者」


IKENAGA Yasunari
Born in 1965 in Oita prefecture and graduated from the Midorigaoka High School. Painted on his own dyed linen canvas, his "bijinga (Portraits of beautiful women)" provide a sophisticated texture and taste. His first art book in 2014 is a long-seller and his works are popular as design of stationeries and novels.
Chen Pei Yi completed a master degree of Fine Arts, Donghai University and B.S degree at Department of Visual Arts Education, National Pingtung University. Especially her recent works of cats and carpets with amazing minute brushwork become very popular in Taiwan.
MASARU OZAKI was born in 1972 and is a top runner in the activities in projection mapping. He participated in the space producing of Japan Pavilion in Shanghai international exhibition in 2010. Recently he started to produce artistic works of strong individuality,” sculptures of light”, which is consisted of three-dimensional light, different from sculpture or illumination.
Kariya Miki, a painter known for her unique perspective, captures the ordinary elements of
life such as flowers, animals, and food through her distinctive artistic lens. She takes these
seemingly mundane subjects and meticulously portrays their fleeting moments, which often
go unnoticed in our daily lives.
Generally, art works attempt to depict “something” within a frame which is relevant to the “reality” or “conception” in the outer world of a frame. In Yoshida’s case, her interest lies in Japanese old customs mirroring our ancestors’ attitudes towards the problems; how to cope with life and death.
Since 2017, daikichi has been working and presenting his works of dolls in Fujian Province, China. He is quite peculiar from what you imagine about an artist in general. It seems that his gem-like figurines of pretty girls led him to be a real artist.
KUSENBO Masamitsu
Kusenbou Masamitsu was born in Hokkaido in 1974. Graduated from the Graduate School of Education, Hokkaido University of Education. He is now an active art teacher in the middle school. Beside work he has begun to make buddhas figures which absorbed huge attention among public thru twitters and other SNS. In 2019, he got “Grand Prix” of “Hakodate, Winter, Art Exhibition Awards”.
HARA Nabbie
Currently major in oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2020.
Painting the underlying instincts and impulses with a pop expressions.
Won the muni Art Award 2021 Grand Prix.


Tokyo International Forum(Booth: N055)