Past Fair


18 - 21 Oct 2019


18 - 21 Oct 2019
@Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

At the Shukado booth we introduce comprehensive fine Japanese arts, not only contemporary but also modern arts including Edo period.
First of all, we exhibit the works of 5 young artists who pose the questions about the essentials of human and social matters through visionary expression.


Hattori Shihori
Kakinuma Hiroki
Born in Tokyo in 1985, Kakinuma graduated from Musashino Art University with a master's degree in oil painting in 2011.
Kakinuma specializes in painting grand panoramas where foreign objects and humans, the abnormal and the everyday intersect.
Kitagawa Maiko
Aono Amanatsu
Kusumi Erika
Photographer and web designer Erika Kusumi is a logical and clever photography artist. Traditionally, collages are made by cutting out images from magazines and the like, but she uses material she has photographed herself and delivers calculated, unified, and remarkable images that defy visual expectations.