We will open "GALLERY SCENA" in Jingumae/ Harajuku, Tokyo

12 Jul 2022

We will open

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new gallery “GALLERY SCENA” in Jingumae, Harajuku.

Until now, we have been presenting the works of young artists under the brand “SHUKADO CONTEMPORARY”, but from now on, most of them will be presented at “GALLERY SCENA” and some of them will be presented at “Gallery Shukado” in Ginza as before.

We have been dealing with a wide range of genres of art including antiques and modern art, but “GALLERY SCENA” will be a gallery specializing in Contemporary Art, offering new surprises that will overturn the conventional wisdom of art. In addition, we plan to introduce a cross-section of contemporary art from Japan and abroad.

“SCENA” means “stage” in Latin. The name “SCENA” is intended to create a place where artists, collectors, curators, and all art lovers can interact with each other, and where new brilliance can be born. This is why we chose Harajuku-Jingumae, a vibrant area full of young energy.

The new gallery is located on Harajuku Cat Street, one street behind the Shibuya area, where popular restaurants, apparel stores, and contemporary galleries are located, and where the crowds are constant. Please come and visit this new place.

Crest Court Jingumae 1F, 6-15-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo