Past Exhibition

Solo Exhibition of MASARU OZAKI

9 - 23 Dec 2023

Solo Exhibition of MASARU OZAKI

9 - 23 Dec 2023

MASARU OZAKI creates moving light sculptures.
Creating with advanced techniques to express light motions that appear to be computer graphics,
but are in fact once drawn by hand.
The delicate expressions created by hand evoke even naturalistic emotions.

12/8 (Fri.) is for VIP View guests only.

12/8 (Fri.) is for VIP View guests only.


In this exhibition, we present works that express the mysterious power of light and movement and the beauty of delicate movement in the form of loops.

The word “loop” has the meaning of repetition, circulation, but it also means a closed space or time. I am interested in the stories and emotions hidden within loops, and have attempted to express them by controlling the color, intensity, and movement of light in single dot units.
In order to give visitors a deeper sense of how the movement of light changes within the loop and creates stories and emotions, two spaces with different ambient light were prepared at the venue.

Endless loop has a beginning and an end, just like life and history.
The movement of light that appears to be the same is actually changing subtly, creating new stories and emotions, spiraling instead of repeating, and having deeper meaning… Such contradictions and paradoxes are intuitively.
We feel them intuitively and slowly enter the invisible loop to find our own stories and feelings.
And then, as a circle of everyone, a dialogue will be born, and connections will be made, and this is what I hope for in my work. Please take your time and enjoy the exhibition.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who helped make this exhibition possible.

Masaru Ozaki


MASARU OZAKI was born in 1972 and is a top runner in the activities in projection mapping. He participated in the space producing of Japan Pavilion in Shanghai international exhibition in 2010. Recently he started to produce artistic works of strong individuality,” sculptures of light”, which is consisted of three-dimensional light, different from sculpture or illumination.


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