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POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023

14 - 17 Sep 2023

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023

14 - 17 Sep 2023
@Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6

SHUKADO+SCENA will exhibit at POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023.

SATOMI Sui「rain and dew」
SATOMI Sui「rain and dew」


Satomi Sui is obsessed with the thread. Threads intertwine with dried flowers, hands and feet, and thread upon thread intertwine and hang down. The world of thread and gravity, drawn mainly with a pen on Japanese paper, is delicate and serene, and seems to painstakingly trace the origins of the universe.
Born in 1992 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria 2019-2020.
Completed her graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2022.
Generally, art works attempt to depict “something” within a frame which is relevant to the “reality” or “conception” in the outer world of a frame. In Yoshida’s case, her interest lies in Japanese old customs mirroring our ancestors’ attitudes towards the problems; how to cope with life and death.
OKI Ayano
The world of OKI Ayano, which has emerged as a companion piece to the genre known as "beauty paintings," invites us into a gaze of deep eroticism.


Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6
Tempelhof Airport
Hangar 5-6

Tempelhofer Damm 45
12101 Berlin