The world of OKI Ayano, which has emerged as a companion piece to the genre known as "beauty paintings," invites us into a gaze of deep eroticism.
The women who accept the men depicted in wildly colored paintings, as if they were upside-down cups of coffee, are at the edge of sensuality and throw their gazes this side of the screen in search of something deeper and more intense.
Her hidden intensity is unique in the Japanese portrait scene, which repeatedly depicts the surface of hard-skinned women.
Her paintings, which never cease to question and love sensuality, human existence, and the very existence of things, evoke a sense of tension that is unique to artistic expression. Her sensuality, which could be called a Japanese Egon Schiele, is not, however, the European obsessiveness of Schiele's paintings, but seems to suggest a Japanese optimistic desire for happiness.


Oki Ayano「翳りの中」
Oki Ayano「抱擁」
Oki Ayano「春が過ぎたら」
Oki Ayano「纏う」
Oki Ayano「枯れた花がある部屋」
Oki Ayano「羽化」
Oki Ayano「腫物」
Oki Ayano「薄衣」
Oki Ayano「Window with withered flowers Ⅰ」
Oki Ayano「Window with withered flowers Ⅱ」
Oki Ayano「At the entrance of the cave」
Oki Ayano「Bathroom Ⅰ」
Oki Ayano「Bottle by the window」
Oki Ayano「Eyes through the mirror」
Oki Ayano「Bathroom Ⅱ」
Oki Ayano「Distorted cave」
Oki Ayano「Dream at dawn」
Oki Ayano「Until the fire goes out」
Oki Ayano「Mirror at Midnight」
Oki Ayano「白い背中」
Oki Ayano「縺れ」
Oki Ayano「眠りに落ちるまで」
Oki Ayano「穏やかな夢を」
Oki Ayano「Dark night」
Oki Ayano「明眸」
Oki Ayano「closet」
Oki Ayano「みなも」
Oki Ayano「食卓」
Oki Ayano「戯れ」


Japanese nude paintings
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