Past Exhibition

GALLERY SCENA. First Anniversary Exhibition

25 - 26 Aug 2023

GALLERY SCENA. First Anniversary Exhibition

25 - 26 Aug 2023

GALLERY SCENA. celebrates its first anniversary in August 2023.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your support.
To celebrate our first anniversary, we will be exhibiting works by eight of SCENA's leading artists.

We will also hold a small party, so please come to the gallery with your best intentions.

The following events will be held at this exhibition.

Date: Friday, August 25, 2023, 16:00-19:00
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GALLERY SCENA. 1周年記念展示 8人のアーティスト。2日だけの展覧会です。
IKENAGA Yasunari「原罪・みな」
IKENAGA Yasunari「原罪・みな」
YOSHIDA Mikiho「新訳風土記集 其ノ参 観月峠 伍什仇」
YOSHIDA Mikiho「新訳風土記集 其ノ参 観月峠 伍什仇」

The works of Mikiho Yoshida will be on display for reference only and will not be available for sale at this exhibition.
If you would like to purchase them, please contact the gallery.


IKENAGA Yasunari
Born in 1965 in Oita prefecture and graduated from the Midorigaoka High School. Painted on his own dyed linen canvas, his "bijinga (Portraits of beautiful women)" provide a sophisticated texture and taste. His first art book in 2014 is a long-seller and his works are popular as design of stationeries and novels.
Chen Pei Yi completed a master degree of Fine Arts, Donghai University and B.S degree at Department of Visual Arts Education, National Pingtung University. Especially her recent works of cats and carpets with amazing minute brushwork become very popular in Taiwan.
Speaking of ceramic figurines, we may conjure up Meissen or Lladoro porcelain wares which have flavors of optimistic romanticism. However, Murakami’s figurines of ceramics usually remind us of the association toward death. Most of them are represented by the decaying plant-like images of dying woman.
MASARU OZAKI was born in 1972 and is a top runner in the activities in projection mapping. He participated in the space producing of Japan Pavilion in Shanghai international exhibition in 2010. Recently he started to produce artistic works of strong individuality,” sculptures of light”, which is consisted of three-dimensional light, different from sculpture or illumination.
Generally, art works attempt to depict “something” within a frame which is relevant to the “reality” or “conception” in the outer world of a frame. In Yoshida’s case, her interest lies in Japanese old customs mirroring our ancestors’ attitudes towards the problems; how to cope with life and death.
She is trying to visualize abstract concepts with paintings with complex layers such as acrylic paint and silk screen and a three-dimensional effect.
HARA Nabbie
Currently major in oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2020.
Painting the underlying instincts and impulses with a pop expressions.
Won the muni Art Award 2021 Grand Prix.
SAKATA Genpei was Influenced by his father who was a ceramic artist, since early age he was exposed to creating things. He began creating works when he was a university student, and became a full-fledged artist after graduating from university in March 2011.


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