Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1993, finished the painting course of the Master's Program in Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2017. Lives in Kyoto.
She is trying to visualize abstract concepts with paintings with complex layers such as acrylic paint and silk screen and a three-dimensional effect. The expression that gives the illusion of the relationship between the ground and the figure, and the matiere whose unevenness is emphasized by spraying, create a cognitive gap between the viewer's visual perception and reality.


MATSUMURA Saki「FORM-eyespots 3」
MATSUMURA Saki「Tile 6」
MATSUMURA Saki「Waves 2」
MATSUMURA Saki「pinwheel 4」
MATSUMURA Saki「Time and tide wait for no man(2)」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-cut in 3」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-cut in 4」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-waves 2」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-river flow 2」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-river flow 3」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-relations 3」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-river flow 16」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-eyespots 1」
MATSUMURA Saki「round 10」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-branch 3」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 6」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 5」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 12」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 11 (P4)」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 10 (P4)」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 11」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-branch 2」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-branch」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 2」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 10」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-quick 9」
MATSUMURA Saki「combination-lightning」


Solo exhibition "PINWHEEL"/ ASTER / Kanazawa
HELP!/ plzzzz Gallery / Taipei
Solo Exhibition “Circle” / LADGALLERY / Nagoya
2022 “NEWoMan YOKOHAMA × The Chain Museum Vo.4” Newomen / Yokohama
KIZASHI (石川画廊/東京)
“SOU 6 Artists” ShinjukuI SETAN Art Gallery,Tokyo
ART NAGOYA 2022 / Nagoya Kanko Hotel / LAD GALLERY booth / Nagoya
ART OSAKA / Osaka city central public hall / DMOARTS booth / Osaka
Solo Exhibition “Combinations” LAD GALLERY / Nagoya
Solo Exhibition “– see sew scene –ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO SATELLITE 2021” Ygion / Kyoto